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Terms & Conditions

  • Payment :

    • We charge 33% of the total quoted price to commence work.

    • When we have completed a working draft of your website, we will require 33% of the total quoted price. This is not subject to approval of the first draft, as the work will have already been done.

    • When we have put your finished website online, we will require 34% of the total quoted price.

    • All payments must be made within 7 days of request for payment.

  • Discounts :

    • Benefit Recipient 15% discount ~ People in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, employment support allowance or Maternity Benefits will need to show proof of their benefit, eg. a government letter not more than a month old.

    • Student 15% discount ~ Students will need to show a valid N.U.S. card or other valid student ID.

  • Intellectual Rights and Copyright :

    • Your website will be put online once all payments have cleared.

    • Intellectual Rights, Ownership and Copyright for your website are passed to you, ONLY when your website is complete and online, and all payments have cleared

  • Content For Your Website

    • Once the working draft of your website is produced you will have to present your website's content (the specific information relating to your organisation). Please note that the sooner you can present your content, the sooner your website will be online and working for you.